Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mike Ross: Breath of Fresh Air


Mike Ross (D, AR-04) is a solid man with solid principles which solidly support the Parental Rights Amendment. His support for this amendment would come as a breath of fresh air to the cause. A few thoughts:

1. He is pro-gun, like many of the supporters of the Amendment, and many of those who I have recommended. With an "A+" rating from the NRA, his support would be completely in-line with his convictions regarding the Second Amendment. He stands for our country's honor by protecting and preserving our flag from desecration.

2. He is pro-parental notification, believing that the traditional family structure, including the role of parents as guides for their children, assisting in growth and decision-making in those critical years, is worthy of support and protection. Congr. Ross, we desperately need your help protecting these values; please sign on as a co-sponsor, and become a champion for the cause.

3. Mr. Ross is also in favor of traditional marriage, adhering to traditional American values. His support for the Parental Rights Amendment would form a firm foundation for strong fortifications to protect these values.

Reader, my posts will probably be shorter, so that you will have an easier time reading them. I will still include all of the research I have, and will continue to provide substantive profiles on congressmen, but I want to make this as easy for you to read as possible.

Watching the stars,

"The hour has struck." -- Glenstorm

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