Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Debunking the Issue: Ending Discrimination Begins with the Parental Rights Amendment


I dedicate this post to the US Black Caucus, arguably one of the most - if not the most - powerful caucuses in our nation. The following is research which I have shared in earlier posts (specifically look at the post: "John Conyers: Found a Founder!"), but I believe warrant their own post. The stories and research are tragic - and deserve to be heard.

The first can be found here, titled, "Too Poor to Parent," by Feministe. The article starts:

"Low-income women — and black women in particular — have their children taken away far more often than white women. Black children are twice as likely as white children to enter foster care."

But when CPS workers give the reason for removing these children from their homes, the answer is not neglect/poverty (which it usually is - poor families are 2 times more likely to lose their children to CPS workers): the social workers claim that they have failed to provide basic necessities (food, shelter, clothing, etc.) because they are single mothers with a low income. Feministe makes a good point:

"But I’m not buying the line that being poor makes one unsuitable for parenthood. What does make one unsuitable is abuse or neglect — and those don’t depend on how much money you have....Children are not objects of privilege that only the rich are entitled to."

She has a point - a very serious point. How do we end this? The Parental Rights Amendment - by ensuring that parents are granted the benefit of the doubt when it comes to parenting, the government would be required to meet a much higher standard in order to take these children from their parents.

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