Tuesday, January 12, 2010



I stumbled upon the most interesting (and frankly quite disgusting) blog today: the blogger goes by the name of Psy (the Greek alphabetical character), who appears to have devoted his blog to a discussion of psychology, psycho therapy, and touting the greatness of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the terrible nature of the Parental Rights Amendment. What is terrible about the site, however, is why he is opposed to the PRA among other things: he is flagrantly anti-Methodist. You can find his blog here, at http://pillsworld.blogspot.com/.

Now, I am not a Methodist, but I see no reason why being--what's the word I want to use, oh, I got it, the one everyone uses for Christians--bigoted against people of faith and the PRA would serve as solid, credible evidence for anything. Charitably, he has done some research. But what he has done reflects terribly on the depth of his understanding of the issue. He does not examine the claims made by proponents of the PRA, nor does he cite where any of the evidence brought forward by pro-PRA suppporters is in error. He makes blanket assertions, and expects them to stand.

But that's not all--there's more! Go to the site in the next ten minutes and you will discover...THERE IS NO WAY TO POST ON HIS BLOG!!! I welcome challengers to the arena of public ideas, especially on issues as close to me as the PRA, but if you enter the fight, you should be open to criticism and answering questions. I am challenging the owner of http://pillsworld.blogspot.com/ to a bout in the realm of ideas, with points scored for evidence and support. If he can hear this, post.


"For Narnia, and for Aslan!" -- High King Peter of Narnia