Wednesday, June 17, 2009

John Conyers: Found a Founder!


John Conyers (D, MI-14), one of the most senior members of the US House of Representatives, has quite the history. A Democrat from Michigan, he was one of the founding members of the Black Caucus, one of the strongest - if not the strongest - caucus in congress. His record is astounding, proving many of the caveats which I have made over the last couple profile posts.

He is not pro-gun, receiving an "F" from the NRA. He did not stand opposed to the UN gun regulations which others in the Party stood opposed to; he is in favor of gun control. He is also pro-choice, and supports both stem cell research and partial birth abortion. He also stands opposed to parental notification. He also supports gay marriage. Yet, for all these differences, he should still support the Parental Rights Amendment.

1. He is the ancient guardian and protector of the Black community, which is severely threatened by international law regarding children's rights. According to the Government Accounting Office, black children are taken out of their homes at over twice the rate of any other racial group, and returned to their families at half the rate. The GAO cannot account for this apart from racial prejudice: it has no tie to economic, social, or health level. For more information, click here, or here, or here, or here, or here. You can also visit for even more information. These five sites (and illustrate that this has not been done in a corner. Find the truth: it is there.

The PRA would protect these families by requiring that the government meet the standards necessary to deny parents their fundamental rights to raise their children. Mr. Conyers, support the PRA, and continue to protect the Black community of this country.

2. Congressman Conyers, as mentioned before, supports gay marriage (and is himself not a homosexual). The PRA would not legalize gay marriage everywhere (it is not that broad in its effect), just as it would not grant heterosexual couples the right to abuse their children. The PRA is not pro-gay rights or pro-straight rights; it is pro-good parents. If parents protect and direct their children well, they are protected by the PRA. Mr. Conyers, support the PRA.

3. Mr. Conyers respects the flag, even though he does not agree with an amendment to prevent flag desecration. This means that he has reverence for a national symbol - and our nation - yet he also believes in an individual's freedom of expression as laid out in Texas v. Johnson. Congressman Conyers also served in the US Army Guard from 1948-1950, and later in Army active duty from 1950-57. Mr. Conyers, our nation's sovereignty, beauty, order, and justice are under attack: we need your help.

Mr. Conyers, you are the second most senior member of the House (only behind your colleauge, John Dingell (D, MI-15), who will be discussed soon): you are widely respected across the aisle and the country. Stand with us, as you did before.

Watching the stars,

"Your men are waiting; what are your orders?" - Oreius

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