Tuesday, June 30, 2009

James Sensenbrenner: Hard-Core


On Friday, Rep. Spencer Bachus (R, AL-06) and three others (Olson, TX-22; Boustany, LA-07; Walden, OR-02) signed on to the Parental Rights Amendment (PRA), bringing the number to 105! Over the past two weeks, we have gained 8 co-sponsors, which is PHENOMENAL!!! I would like to take this time, as is my practice, to thank these representatives for standing up for the rights of parents across the country - we honor your willingness to be a champion for these rights, not a bystander in the fight for protecting children.

This led me to think (as is also my practice) as to who else would be open to joining the PRA: James Sensenbrenner (R, WI-05). Sensenbrenner is an important representative for the Amendment, because he sits on the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, etc. A few things about him that should convince him that the PRA is necessary:

1. He is pro-gun, receiving an "A" from the NRA. His pro-gun stance bleeds over to his opposition to the US funding UN gun regulation, which would (in his opinion) be hypocrisy for Americans who support the Second Amendment. I've made several posts so far which explain how pro-gun representatives should be on-board with the PRA, but in short the very survival of personal gun ownership is on the line. With international law curriculum criticizing gun ownership and calling for the removal of guns from personal dwellings, children are being taught that it is in their best interest for their parents not to have guns. The UNCRC would purport this view: the only way to stop it once-and-for-all is to pass the Parental Rights Amendment.

2. He is pro-American sovereignty. He favors securing our borders and also firmly supports immigrants gaining citizenship in a timely manner. He honors and reveres the flag, and is in favor of a Constitutional amendment to protect the flag. He places the needs, decisions, and sovereignty of the US before that of the UN, favoring the time-honored ideal that Americans should make laws for Americans, period. We don't need the UN telling us how to run our country...and Mr. Sensenbrenner, we most certainly do not need the UN telling us how to raise our children. Congr. Sensenbrenner, please join us in defending on of the foundational institutions of our country: the family unit.

3. He favors the traditional family structure, and also supports the traditional role of parents as guides and guardians for their children through his support of parental notification in the case of an abortion involving a minor. Mr. Sensenbrenner: please continue to support the rights of parents to direct and guide the upbringing of their children. This is our most desperate hour.

Please stand with us, and honor the strong principles which you believe in and stand on,
Watching the stars,


"The hour has struck." -- Glenstorm

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