Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Debunking the Issue: The Unhealthy UNCRC


Check out this article I found: it reveals an amazing truth about the UNCRC and the impact it has on the health of a country. It can be found here.

Basic synopsis: countries which sign the UNCRC rise and fall in overall health based on how much effort they put into bettering the health of their country ( *sarcasm* Huh, I didn't see THAT one coming...). What does this mean? Signing the UNCRC does not assist in making a country healthier; it is just another piece of paper which holds sway over your domestic policy decisions.

In some developed countries, overall health has fallen. Think back to the Netherlands (you can find information in my other post on this blog regarding the Dutch), and how there was an increase in the drug trade into the Netherlands because children have the "freedom to associate" with anyone without parental knowledge or consent.

Think about Sweden (also found in a post on this blog) and how its extreme "freedom" for children has led to a nation which despises teens, and condones shooting teens which are violent (the fact that teen violence is so rampant and pervasive of their culture cannot be a good thing for overall health; just going to throw that out there).

So, wait a minute, why do we need the UNCRC? It does not improve teen behavior, does not reduce substance abuse...what does it do? I pose this question to all supporters of the UNCRC: Show us why we should sign this, and "jumping on the bandwagon" is NOT a legitimate answer. Just because only the US and Somalia have not signed on does not mean that we should sign it - we aren't every other country in the world, we are America. We demand valid reasons.

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