Thursday, June 18, 2009

John Tanner: The Time Is Right


Congr. John Tanner (D, TN-08) is a Tennessean who would make an excellent addition to the coalition supporting the Parental Rights Amendment. His stances on issues, the groups he supports, and his personal convictions all scream support for the PRA:

1. His voting record on life issues is somewhat complicated: he is pro-choice and in favor of embryonic stem cell research, yet he is also against Partial Birth Abortion, and in favor of parental notification. He has received almost equal ratings from both the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and Pro-Choice America (NARAL), because he consistently votes in this manner. Interesting to note, however, is that he ran twice (2004 and 2008) against John Hart, a eugenicist who was disavowed from his own party. Tanner won both times by a significant margin.

Tanner's stance reflects his belief in both the invovlement of parents in their children's lives, the importance of protecting children (whether fully or partially born), and rejecting "social progress" and "better genes" in favor of protecting individual liberties. Congr. Tanner, please support the Parental Rights Amendment, and continue with your consistent voting record for personal liberty and parental involvement.

2. Mr. Tanner loves his country, and takes his position as congressman seriously. He served in the Navy from 1968-72 during the Vietnam era, and also served in the Army Guard from 1974-2000. He also supports a tough immigration policy which includes securing our borders and supporting those who keep vigilant watch for illegal immigrants. He believes in the death penalty, and supports a strong punishment for those who commit heinous crimes. Congr. Tanner, your country needs your help again: please support us and preserve our rights yet again from foreign invaders who seek to undermine our sovereignty.

Mr. Tanner is rumored to have turned down an appointment to the Tennessee senate seat which was vacated by Al Gore, electing instead to continue to represent his district as congressman. His dedication to his district, his continued support of his constituents, and his understanding of his importance in the House astounds me: I respect him deeply for his respect for his position. Congr. Tanner, please continue to support your district by passing the PRA with your name attached.

3. Tanner is pro-gun, and stands opposed to UN gun regulation. He has a strong pro-gun voting record, and has received an "A" from the NRA. His opposition to UN threats to our Second Amendment liberties convinces me of his belief in American sovereignty (military and immigration stances put aside). Defend us again, Mr. Tanner: we need your help.

Watching the Stars,

"The time is right." -- Glenstorm

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