Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Harry Mitchell: Young Blood


Harry Mitchell (D, AZ-05), is only 47 years of age, yet he impresses me so much with overall his commitment to traditional values concurrent with the Parental Rights Amendment. To find out how to get involved in the fight for parental rights, signing our email activist list, and joining the cause, visit www.parentalrights.org for more information.

Congr. Mitchell has a mixed record on certain issues, but his mixed positions do not indicate that he could not be a supporter of the Parental Rights Amendment. On the contrary, they demonstrate how men and women of different backgrounds and ideologies can come together behind a common cause which they support. A few thoughts:

1. Mr. Mitchell is pro-choice, and also supports embryonic stem cell research. But Mitchell also supports parental notification, indicating his belief in traditional family values regarding family structure and parental guidance.

2. He has a mixed position on gay marriage, both refraining from fully condoning it, and also supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would eliminate preferential treatment based on sexual orientation. I believe that, upon independent research and examination, this idea of "employment non-discrimination" has been/is used unfairly, creating reversed discrimination against heterosexuals, but my point here is this: he seems to uphold a traditional view of family roles, particularly of parents, even if his view of how the family should be constituted is somewhat compromised. That is key.

Mr. Mitchell, we need your assistance: you are young, have overwhelming support in your district, and your morals beg for your support for this amendment. Will you be a champion for the cause by signing on to this resolution, or will you remain on the sidelines?

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