Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Collin Peterson: A Guard to Guard Our Country


Collin C. Peterson (D, MN-07) is a man who I respect for his service for our country. An Army National Guardsman who served from 1963-9 (during the Vietnam War), and one of the original seven founding members of the Democratic Blue Dog Coalition, Peterson is not afraid to face new challenges by sticking to tried-and-true principles. Peterson would make a perfect addition to the co-sponsors of the Parental Rights Amendment.

First, Peterson is pro-gun (not required for supporting the Parental Rights Amendment, but is a reason for him to support it). Rated an "A+" by the National Rifle Association (NRA), Peterson is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. He has the highest rating possible by the NRA, meaning he has a flawless record of voting in favor of gun rights. International law, however, would strictly curtail the right to possess personal firearms, since they are not "in the best interest of the child" and would create a negative aura for child development (for more information, check on this blog for the post on Heath Shuler, or at parentalrights.org for other articles). Protecting the right to protect and preserve your family walks hand-in-hand with protecting the right to protect and preserve your family: gun owners should support the Parental Rights Amendment.

Second, Peterson is pro-family. He supports the power of parents to provide direction and guidance for their children, as noted in his votes in favor of parental notification. He also supports traditional family values, being in favor of protecting traditional marriage (not required to support the Parental Rights Amendment, but it does help), and his presence in the Coalition on Adoption. Peterson grasps the importance of the family to society; it is not just a social or economic unit of society. The family has an integral and critical role in society, and parents have a role in that family: to provide direction and guidance for their children.

Third, Peterson is pro-American sovereignty. He supports secure borders and a tough immigration policy, and supports an amendment to prohibit flag desecration. Both of these issues are not necessary to be a supporter of the Parental Rights Amendment, but they both send the same message: our country means more to us than a job, a home, a supermarket, and taxes in April. It holds some level of sacredness and honor which deserves respect and reverence of its own kind. Along with apple pie, baseball, and the flag, parental rights is perhaps the other great quintessential American dream: raising your children well. To protect this right, we must enshrine it in the highest law of our land: the Constitution of the United States.

If someone were to take your apple pie, I have no doubt that you would do anything in your power to preserve what is important to you (your pie), and warn the intruder to keep his distance. This is my charge to you: protect your rights as a parent, even if you are not a parent at present. Fight for it with everything you have; it is worth your effort and more.

Mr. Peterson, you have guarded our country for the past 18 years since you entered office: would you support the Parental Rights Amendment, and be a champion for the cause?

Watching the stars,

"If the Witch is to be defeated...we must hurry to find the battle." -- Aslan
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