Monday, June 22, 2009

Artur Davis: Final Legacy


Artur Davis (D, AL-07) is an amazing man with quite the career ahead of him. Only 41 years of age, and he ran uncontested in his district in 2008, so fully supported by his district that he faces no opposition. Such an accomplishment speaks volumes on how well his constituents support him. Rumor has it that he might run for Senate in 2010.

As I thought about the work that this man has already done in the Black Caucus, I began to think to myself, "What better way to leave office in the House than to support the Parental Rights Amendment?" Would it hurt your chances at the Senate seat? Then I began to take inventory:
- Supporting children by supporting parents does not look undesirable on a ballot
- Protecting our freedoms from foreign powers is admirable for an aspiring Senator
- Supporting the Parental Rights Amendment is not a step against the Democratic Party

So, why should he support the Parental Rights Amendment? Well, they have a lot in common:
1. He is pro-gun, though his ratings from the NRA seem to be sliding over the past few years. He has received anywhere from a "B" to a "C" rating over the past four years for his support of gun rights. He is opposed to funding UN gun regulations abroad, demonstrating both his support for our rights and a belief in American sovereignty from foreign powers.

2. He is pro-life, recognizing the importance and value of all people, and furthermore supports parental notification, standing up for parental guidance in important decisions. He stands against Partial Birth Abortion, and against human cloning; he stands by traditional values.

3. He supports traditional marriage, which I value, since his stance supports traditional American values, and also supports the traditional family structure. Coupled with his support for parental notification, Congr. Davis demonstrates a firm devotion to parental rights. I humbly beseech that he continue his support by signing on as a co-sponsor of the Parental Rights Amendment.

4. Rep. Davis also supports securing our borders, and reforming our immigration policy without granting amnesty to illegal immigrants. He supports the death penalty fairly applied, which demonstrates his support for a strong justice system. The intent in his immigration and death penalty stances is protection of the citizen: Congr. Davis, please continue to protect citizens by protecting parental rights from international law.

Rep. Davis, you have great aspirations, and I wish you well: but what will your final legacy be in the US House? Will it be championing the rights of parents?

Watching the stars,

"I and my sons are ready for war. When is the battle to be joined?" -- Glenstorm

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