Monday, June 22, 2009

Jim Marshall: Requesting Reinforcements


I am happy to announce that currently our number of sponsors/co-sponsors in the US House is up to 101! This means that we are over 1/3 of the way to our goal (101/290) in the house. In order to win the other third, I present another member of Congress who would be an excellent addition to our team: Jim Marshall (D, GA-08). A few notes:

1. Congr. Marshall is pro-gun, receiving an "A" from the NRA. He is also against UN gun regulation, demonstrating his commitment to American rights enforced and limited by American law and American lawmakers. I would ask all congressmen to stand with Marshall and others who believe in preserving the decision-making power which we vested them with by keeping it in the hands of American lawmakers and the American people, instead of the hands of foreign members of an international Committee in Geneva, Switzerland.

2. Marshall is in favor of traditional marriage and parental notification. He knows the importance of the traditional family structure, and the need for parental guidance in important decisions which their children face. Supporting the Parental Rights Amendment would be right up his alley.

3. His tough stance on immigration and desire to protect our flag are clear pictures of his desire to protect America and all that it stands for. Mr. Marshall, parental rights stand at the forefront of rights which have made this nation great, for they form the basis for learning the importance of every amendment.

Congr. Marshall, the hand that rocks the cradle rocks the world: please help preserve the rights of Americans to rock those cradles, and save it from international law and its minions. You can assist us in marshalling forces; requesting reinforcements!

Watching the stars,

"The hour has struck. Our council at the Dancing Lawn must be a council of war." -- Glenstorm

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