Tuesday, July 7, 2009

US Military Recruiting and Parental Rights Threatened


I read a story today which greatly concerned me. It talks about how two California cities, Eureka and Arcata, which passed ordinances forbidding military recruiters from approaching anyone under the age of 18. The US Military is claiming that such ordinances violate the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution, and that they have the right to approach teens for recruiting before age 18.

The major concerns I have regarding these city ordinances are three-fold, and very significant:

1) Such ordinances would significantly decrease the number of individuals recruited by the military, which would significantly increase the chances of a draft. Interestingly, in an effort to prevent these "children" (which would be young men and women 16-18 years of age) from entering the military (which the cities hold is bad for them and not in their best interest), they increase the chance of a draft, which would be far more universal than current recruiting practices.

2) This breaches the Constitution - the military has a good argument, and it is sound under constitutional law.

3) Most important to this debate, however, is the fact that the city ordinance restricts parents and young adults from making decisions which have traditionally been their arena alone. This is unacceptable.

Join us in the fight for parental rights by visiting www.parentalrights.org.

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