Friday, July 17, 2009

Debunking the Issue: Children's Rights a Nightmare


I read this article, which may shed some more light (no pun intended) on the discussion of "children's rights." The article is entitled, "317 Cars Burned Ahead of Bastille Day," written in France 24 on July 14, 2009. It documents the destruction of private property that occurs every year just before/on Bastille Day (July 14) in France. Youth across the nation annually burn cars and attack police to protest the lack of integration of minorities and high unemployment.

Is there a problem with protesting the exclusion of minorities? No - but how we protest is important. The Civil Rights Movement under Dr. King was very successful, because it made friends, instead of destroying personal property and harming law enforcement. What we have here is a group of individuals - young people, my generation - who have been granted the "right" by the UN to act as they see fit, do what they wish, without regard to personal property rights (which everyone since the foundation of the world has respected, including Communist countries, though their ideological creeds would disagree), means of presenting the message, or plan for actual change. These attacks add up only to venting anger and destruction of property. No actual change will come from it (as has been shown from the past 4 years).

Transport you to the United States. If the Senate ratifies the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), minors will be told that they have the right to express themselves freely in any medium without parental restraint. I watch the stars, for it is mine to watch, and I can tell you right now that what I see is appalling. I see cars, homes, and shops burning in Harlem, I see destruction of property in Chicago, Detroit - every major city. I see the removal of children from good parents who believe that Jesus is Lord, solely because the government believes that this is not "in the child's best interest."

What can we learn from the French? Two-fold: 1) If our desire for liberty drives us to lawlessness, we will be destroyed, just as the Revolution was, and 2) If our desire for "children's rights," "humanitarianism," and "global agreement" leads us to surrender our liberty, we can expect the natural results: terror, destruction, and decadence. It is what we have seen in the Netherlands (look up other articles on this blog for more information), Sweden (also articles on this blog with more documentation), and many other European countries who have implemented the UNCRC to the full.

It is time for us to stop sitting on our couches with remote in hand, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what is coming. We must own the truth, seek it out, and defend it to the death.

Watching the stars,

"I watch the stars, for it is mine to watch, Badger, as it is your's to remember." -- Glenstorm

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