Monday, July 13, 2009

Alert: This Is No Scare Tactic


Over the past two weeks, one particular argument which opponents of the Parental Rights Amendment have been using has stuck out to me, and I want to address it here. The opposition says, "This is not a real threat; this is just a scare tactic to get us to do something. Don't bother."

First, I would ask them if they have read this blog (which I doubt they have done): the evidence heavily supports the impending threat, even from the mouth of the opposition itself. They intend to pass the UNCRC, and soon. Examine any recent post on this blog and you will see how the issues raised by the CRC affect how we live, what we do, and how we think practically day-by-day.

Second, while they understand the impact of the argument, they lack understanding on its imminence. The facts are there: seek the truth, and defend it. I cannot think of a single right which we now hold which will not be trampled by the CRC and the advance of international law. Where will we be without the right to self-defense through firearms? Criminals will not follow this law - that is what makes them criminals. We will lose the right to free speech and free religion for the "right" of tolerance and mediocrity. No more free thinking; enter UN-value-teaching curriculum.

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT IS THIS: We cannot retreat from this battle to our couches and televisions. The storm is coming - and it will not stop for our comfort. Meriadoc Brandybuck from The Lord of the Rings summed it up well: "The fires of Isengard will spread, and the forests of Brandywine and Tuckburough will burn, and all that was good and green in this world will be gone. There won't be a Shire, Pippin." If we fall back, if we retreat, we will lose everything we hold dear.

We have no choice: we must fight.
Examine the evidence, find the truth, defend it,


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