Friday, September 3, 2010

Scotland: Free Expression on the Internet


Here's an article I found today on WorldNet Daily; it's a shocking article, although we here at the Insurgency have seen it coming for quite some time. In Scotland, the internet filters in Scotland on school grounds are being lifted, so that now children can view sexually explicit material on the internet while at school.

But this is not all: the article continues:

"It was uncovered a few months ago that Scottish children as young as 11 were being taken on outings to various "health" clinics where they were being given instruction in abortion, contraception and homosexuality by other students as young as 14."

Now, religious conviction regarding marriage and family planning aside, why are eleven-year-olds being taught this information? And why are fourteen-year-olds involved in the teaching? Something is wrong here!

I wish that I could say that this is all, but the article continues:

"Health officials in the Southampton area also recently created Charlie Condom, a character who promotes condoms to 13-year-olds."

Why use cartoon characters? Because they appeal to young audiences.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that I'm not being followed; something is wrong here. The internationalist agenda is targeting a young audience with a message, primarily because they know that they cannot win the older generations who know the truth. So they turn to education.

Is this what we want in our country? Will we only be reactionary, or will we take an active role in defending our country? Visit today, and get involved in protecting our nation now.



  1. Centaur,
    Watch the stars, but double check your sources. WND is not the best source to quote for a lot of reasons (Obama concentration camps, really?- ).

    This WND story has no references, They claim that the story came from the Christian Institute but they don't link to the story, and their link just takes you to the Christian Institute website. Do some more digging and use the original sources.
    FYI, the stories do exist, the author should have linked them as support, but I would recommend that you use original sources rather than second-hand journalism whenever possible.

    Keep fighting!

  2. @Michael,

    Good points; your comment is well-taken. You're absolutely right -- I usually tie back to original sources, but didn't this time.

    Thanks for the citations!


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