Monday, August 16, 2010

Interesting Article: Parental Rights and Sex Education Programs


I will warn you: don't show this article to your kids. My blog is safe, but not this link. Ye be warned.

I read an article today which was written by a doctor who routinely works and counsels young teens who need to be treated for sexual diseases or receive procedures related to sexual health. Her thoughts and concerns are absolutely astounding.

Her conclusion from her work in the field is that sex-ed classes are not providing a number of important facts about reproductive health to students. Information regarding the enhanced ability of the human body to defend against STDs and STIs when the individual reaches physical maturity, the psychological and emotional effects of sexual activity as adolescents, etc. are not provided in classes. These pieces of information are necessary for making an informed decision, and are routinely left out of sex ed classes.

If we want to protect our children, why don't we leave education up to those who have fulfilled the role of teachers from ages past: the parents? If you are a parent and your child is in a school, your parental rights are in danger (I'm finishing the Scroll on school sex education and the general threat to parental rights in terms of public health; so stay tuned for that). Join with, and sign the petition to protect your rights as a parent.

Semper Fi Parentis,


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