Monday, October 25, 2010

The Centaur Scrolls: Sexual Freedom and Its Dangers, Part II


The following article will address the misconception that sex education and the “sexual freedom” which it fosters by examining this article from the Guardian.

In the United Kingdom, the External Steering Group released a report stating that the wellbeing of a child improved through sex and relationship education (SRE) taught at school. Mr. Andrew Copson, writing in the Guardian, amazingly turned to Article 13 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child as the basis for why children should receive such education.

It is important to note that Mr. Copson ties this right to the CRC. First, this indicates a direct tie to the document which I have been fighting for a while now. Second and more importantly, the CRC only applies to those under the age of eighteen (except in Scotland, where it applies until the age of 21). This is the age group that Mr. Copson is targeting. Keep this in mind.

Mr. Andrew Copson and other sex ed supporters are doing these children no favor. Mr. Copson states that “young people want this education, they need it, it is their right to have it, and if we withhold it from them on grounds of our own ideologies, we will only be doing harm.” Amazingly, those who claim to “place the child . . . at the center of our thinking” as he does in his article in the Guardian, are not fighting for children: they are merely fighting for their ideology.

The true advocate for the child is the parent. Not only do children of all ages (even through their teen years) generally trust their parents and respect their opinion (there's an article here), parents are infinitely more qualified to make decisions than a bureaucrat behind a desk thousands of miles away. The sexual freedom that Mr. Copson argues for, as future articles will show, is harmful to their personal health and wellbeing, especially at the age that Mr. Copson supports such intercourse and education. Do your research, Mr. Copson.

Seek the truth, find it, and defend it to the death,


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