Friday, July 23, 2010

The Best Interest of the Government, not the Child


I came across this trial memorandum written by the Alliance Defense Fund the other day, and what I saw was very disturbing. The case strikes at parent school choice: a mother who had legal custody of her daughter was forced by the government to send her child to an alternative form of schooling, because it was "in the best interest of the child."

Problem: the child preferred the mode of schooling which her Mom chose! The will and desires of the child were not considered -- the judge ruled in favor of the best interests of the government, not the best interest of the child.

Some may argue that the best interest of the child included public education (the judge's decision) and not home education (the mother and daughter's choice). But any argument of socialization which could be made does not stand, because that was not the reasoning that the judge used to reach his conclusion. He made his decision based on this assessment: the girl's religious beliefs were keeping her sheltered, and she needed to expand her way of thinking.

Now, regardless of your thoughts on religion, when a government official steps in and tells a young girl that she needs to expand her horizons by questioning her faith without providing evidence that her faith is 1) unsound, 2) harmful, or even 3) not in her best interest to follow, we have a problem. That's tyranny: the desire to crush the conscience of a young person not because what they have is faulty or unsound, but merely because it is not his personal preference and believe, is straightforward tyranny. When you add that this is the young daughter of a single mother, you have tyranny in its grossest form.

This is why parental rights need to be protected. Governments taking away parental rights are not foreign to our shores; these abuses occur within our nation. Are we willing to take a stand against it? What will you do for parental rights today?

I will highly encourage you to visit and get involved in passing the Parental Rights Amendment today. Join the fight -- we need you.

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